Strip and wax floor

Get access to customizable floor stripping and waxing services for streamlining optimum floor maintenance. In addition to scrubbing & buffing the floor surface, stripping & waxing are also vital to enhancing the overall aesthetics of the floor at your office. Our bespoke floor stripping services in the Bay Area help in removing dirt, debris, and other buildups on the floor. Once the floor has been stripped of the old wax layers, a fresh coating of waxing helps in protecting the floor of your office. Reach out to the experts now!

Carpet cleaning

Are you struggling with keeping the carpets in your office clean? Carpet cleaning services in the Bay Area help to ensure professional carpet cleaning solutions for your office. A clean carpet can spark up the aesthetics of your location effortlessly. For optimum results, you can hire our professional range of carpet cleaning services in the Bay Area. We offer commercial carpet cleaning solutions from the experts. Our carpet cleaning experts make use of state-of-the-art cleaning technology and tools to deliver the desired results.

Furniture cleaning

Do you wish the furniture at your office to be sparklingly clean? There is something unique about clean and hygienic furniture for your office. Keep the furniture and upholstery in your office clean throughout by availing our comprehensive range of furniture cleaning services in Bay Area. Our technicians make use of advanced furniture cleaning techniques as well as products to deliver the right results. We make use of high-quality eco-
friendly products to clean furniture items on the go. We also ensure that your furniture does not get damaged during the cleaning and polishing process.

Janitorial services

We are professionals in providing commercial janitorial services in & around Bay Area for optimum results. We have in-depth industry knowledge and several years of expertise in the field of providing janitorial services to commercial units around Bay Area. We follow a thorough cleaning process for commercial units towards delivering optimum performance. Our expert cleaning agents make use of the latest cleaning technologies and trends to decrease the inflow of bacteria, dust, debris, and viruses. Some of our advanced range of janitorial services includes daily carpet care, waste removal solutions, daytime cleaning, and so more.


Wish to ensure ultimate cleanliness for your office? Whether you wish to ensure top-notch cleanliness for your office, we are a one-stop destination for all your in-depth commercial cleaning requirements. We are experts in delivering vacuuming solutions for your premise on the go. We make use of state-of-the-art vacuuming technologies and safe cleaning agents for delivering optimum results. Our vacuuming agents are highly qualified and experienced to deliver the best-in-class vacuuming services for your office.

Rug cleaning

Tired of cleaning your rugs on a daily basis? Rugs are essential components of any office décor. While these are highly functional elements in your décor, rugs also catch dirt & debris easily from the surrounding environment. Whether you witness increased rug traffic or inflow of dust from the outer environment, it becomes imperative for you to ensure rug cleaning from time to time. We are experts in delivering professional rug cleaning services to keep your office spectacularly clean all the time. Get access to our bespoke range of rug cleaning services from the experts to ensure that there is no dirt or grime on the surface of the rugs.

Upholstery cleaning

Get the most of our professional range of upholstery cleaning services in Bay Area. We are experts in delivering a comprehensive range of upholstery cleaning solutions to make your office appear neat & clean all the time. For delivering optimum results for your office, our cleaning experts make use of the best-in-class cleaning methodologies and equipment out there. With bespoke upholstery cleaning services, you can ensure living in a healthy, disease-free environment all the time.

Dayporter service

Are you dealing with a bustling business? We can help you with professional day porter services to help you maintain a clean & professional appearance in your facility all day long. We offer a complete range of day porter services that allows you to streamline your day-to-day activities on a regular basis. We perform day porter services during busy hours of the office without disrupting your normal office schedule. Right from lobby management to general maintenance, restroom maintenance, spill clean-up, product replacement, security, and so more -we can cover it all for you professionally.


Painting is one of the best ways to personalize your space. At All Five Star MJ we specialize in making houses look like homes with our painting services. Painting is tipically one of the most important steps of the moving process. Whether you’re looking to completely transform the look of your house, or just add some details, feel, personality, or a little touch, just call us. You can consult with us to make sure that your design and idea matches the end result, and how we can help you accomplish your painting goals. Depending on the scale of the project, the timeframe, and your budget, we will recommend a custom solution for your needs.

Deep cleaning

Are you looking for professional deep cleaning services in Bay Area? If you wish to ensure that the team of cleaning experts delivers bespoke cleaning services, you can hire our comprehensive range of deep cleaning solutions for the best results. We feature a team of highly qualified as well as experienced deep cleaning experts who are well-versed with carrying our in-depth cleaning services on the go. Right from cleaning the bedroom areas to the kitchen space, bathrooms, living rooms, patio area, and even areas like inside fridge, inside cabinets, and so more –we are highly experienced in delivering a comprehensive range of deep cleaning solutions for your office.

Move in/move out cleaning

Are you moving in or out of some place? Need to ensure deep cleaning of the given place? We can help you out! We are professional cleaning experts in Bay Area renowned for providing access to in-depth move-in & move-out cleaning services to the clients. We understand that the process of moving in or moving out can be an overwhelming process. Therefore, to offer great ease, we take the task of in-depth cleaning into our professional hands. We allow you to be assured of a hassle-free move-in or move-out process as we take care of all your unique cleaning requirements.

Restroom cleaning

Bathrooms experience increased traffic throughout the day & night. Keeping bathrooms clean & hygienic is of utmost importance. This is wherein the role of a reliable restroom cleaning service provider like us comes in. We are professionals in providing an unmatched range of deep restroom cleaning services for your office. Our restroom cleaners are highly experienced and deliver restroom cleaning services quickly and professionally. Be assured of the fact that our team of expert cleaners would clean each & every corner of the restroom in Bay Area for improved experiences. Be assured of the fact that our team of expert cleaners would clean each & every corner of the restroom in Bay Area for improved experiences.

Steam cleaning

We feature a team of highly experienced cleaning technicians who are friendly and prompt when it comes to delivering the professionalism of steam cleaning solutions for your commercial premises. Right from carpet steam cleaning to commercial floor care, tile & grout cleaning, pet stain cleaning, rug steam cleaning, and so more –we have got you covered with our professional range of steam cleaning services.

Disinfecting services

Want a safe and disinfected space? All Five Star MJ can help you have a safe space by offering our Disinfecting Services. Our company uses a reliable machine called the Clorox360 Electrostatic spray. Whether if it is an office space, a gym, or residential areas. Anywhere, we got you covered! Let us provide you with a safe environment. All Five Star MJ is a fully insured company with workers compensation. Our team follows all the COVID 19 protocols for the safety of our team and yours. 

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